So why artificial flower arrangements?

We all know flowers are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature and colour to our homes, they make you (well, if you’re anything like me) happy! They bring in freshness, cheerfulness, and vibrancy to the spaces they are placed in. However, fresh flowers can be high maintenance, costly and at the end of the day they dont last a particularly long time! Step in artificial arrangements..

Artificial blooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, the realism found in faux stems these days is unparalleled with several even coming with a ‘real touch’ finish so they feel, as well as look, real!  They are a convenient, low-maintenance option that can offer many benefits over fresh flowers when it comes to your home decor (particularly, if like myself, you enjoy switching up your decor seasonally)!
One of the most significant benefits of using faux flowers is their long-lasting nature. Real flowers will wilt & die relatively quickly whereas high-quality faux flowers will last for years, making them an excellent investment. They add a beautiful focal point through texture and colour invoking a natural finish to a roon, this is partiuclarly lovely for the rooms which arent used as oftem but still benefit from a touch of nature!
Another core advantage of faux flowers is their versatility. With fresh flowers, you are limited to whatever is currently in season. Faux flowers, however, allow you to experiment with different colours, styles, and textures regardless of the time of year, this makes them a particularly good choice for bridal arrangements!
Without a doubt, faux flowers are a cost-effective option, especially long term. They offer a long-lasting investment that won’t require constant replacement. Whilst we believe fresh flowers most definitely have a place in the home, faux can work beautifully alongside fresh, and when they look as real and vibrant as our Fauxquets, why wouldnt you embrace them?!
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