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The Faux-liage Spring Stem Bundle


We’ve hand picked 6 beautifully Spring like stems to transform your Fauxliage bouquet into a Spring sensation! 

To begin updating your display, we would recommend choosing the vase of your choice and placing the (still tied) Fauxliage arrangement inside the vase with the stems about half way in the vase. Cut the string tying the arrangement together and gently place the rest of the bouquet into the vase. Ensuring the stems are halfway in before snipping the string will ensure the bouquet keeps its look & shape. Once the string has been cut the arrangement will be a little looser allowing you to slot the new stems into place. If you prefer to keep the Fauxliage bouquet tied, the Spring stems can be placed around the edges of the display and you can gently pull the stems through the existing fauxliage stems to incorporate them into the display. 

You can add the new stems in any way you choose but if you would like to make the arrangement look as close to the above imagery, just follow the below steps! 

The gorgeous tulips take centre stage for this arrangement and with their ‘real touch’ finish you wouldn’t know they were faux! Place the purple stripe tulip centre left and the white parrot tulip slightly lower towards the bottom right of the arrangement, both stems are wired so can be gently bent to add a natural shape to the tulips. 

Gorgeous pops of Spring colour come from the mutliple flower heads of the blush wintersweet spray. Place this one in between the tulips and tease the individual stems through the middle of the arrangement so you have an even distribution of pink flowers in the middle of the arrangement. 

The large blush euclatyptus stem adds height and fullness, add this one to the back right of the display.

A white statice spray adds little pops of white amongst the greenery, pop this one next to the wintersweet and use the same method of gently teasing the individual stems of the statice through the arrangement so you have multiple areas of the arrangement with the little white buds showing. 

Finally, we have included one of our gum eucalyptus stems. The white detailing of the gumnuts softens the look of the stem and works beautifully with the purple tones of the tulip. Add this stem bottom left of the arrangement. 

Please note this listing is for the 6 Spring stems to update your existing Fauxliage bouquet, if you would like the Fauxliage bouquet please follow the link here or if you would like the Spring fauxliage arrangement pre-arranged and hand-tied please follow the link here. 

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Standard delivery for all UK orders will be charged at £7.95 for all large bouquets & vases and £5.95 for all small and medium arrangements/vases and art prints. All of our arrangements are hand made to order so please allow up to 7 working days for delivery. Once processed, all shipments will be made via a tracked delivery service.

Please note if you order a Fauxquet bouquet, stems or vase alongside an art print, these items will arrive separately.


All of our faux bouquets are very low maintenance but require a little care every now and then to keep them looking their best. To keep them looking as good as new, occasionally remove any dust buildup with a light dust or gentle blast with a hairdryer on its coolest setting. Where possible keep out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.

Please note that although every care has been taken when trimming wire stems, occasionally a sharp fragment can remain so please take care when handling your arrangement.



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